February 20, 2007
Prototyping in Second Life

On the Second Life blog Jim Purbrick riffs on a session we had at EuroFOO about mixing the real world and Second Life. What Jim has done - and what was the onset of the discussion - and what we've done a little bit of at Imity - is prototyping data-enriched physical worlds - augmented reality - in Second Life where everything works and you don't have to mess about with the physical shortcomings of Bluetooth or RFID scans. We talked a little bit about this in the context of CO2 accounting - modeling high fidelity CO2 accounting inside Second Life, giving you a perfect CO2 history of every simulated object in SL. The logical conclusion - all the more relevant since the recent interest in Second Life ecology, was to do actual CO2 accounting for Second Life inside the simulated world. But this probably is some ways off.

By no means have we given up on the idea of doing nice Imity/Second Life crossovers by the way. There's just the problem of time.

Also, note how this very nice idea is completely immune to the SL hype discussion.

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