February 21, 2007
Bruce Sterling diss of Wired?

I got this Bruce Sterling video link in an email from the host of the conversation shown. It was advertised as something of a Sterling diss of Wired - "Chris Anderson created a 'commercial regime' @ Wired, reason why he [Sterling, ed.] isn't writing on the magazine" - but I think Lele is missing what Sterling is saying - it's not a commercial/noncommercial argument, but just an argument about the long tail and citizen blogging. Blogging kills op-ed pieces first.

Sterling, as always, is interesting just to listen to. He has this song-like style he transports himself into as he himself is persuaded or fired up by the subject he talks about. He is being live translated to italian on the video. As I was watching, it struck me how the conversational style of Sterling being translated, reminds me of how blog writing works: You have to shoot off short highly comprehensible isolated bursts that capture and make sense individually. You can't rely on the context of your own flow to convince the audience, since you don't get to convey flow.
What the audience is getting are little mediated chunks of conversation. It's very similar to the chopped up rhetoric one has to employ in online writing.

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Hi Claus, I wrote that Bruce said that Wired is the commercial answer to the glamour of this web2.0 era. He used the word "regime", IMHO in terms of advertising "regime"

But it's not my view on Chris' job @ Wired

Posted by: Lele Dainesi on February 21, 2007 12:50 PM

Lele, the quote I use is from your email - and I think the quote is a mis-statement of what Sterling said.
His point is not about Wired being commercial, but about the commercial enterprise Wired changing perspective from focusing on blockbusters to focusing on the long tail.
The way you phrase it, it sounds like Sterling has an axe to grind with Chris Anderson - and I don't think he has. That's my only point.

- But good link, and thanks for the email.

Posted by: Claus on February 21, 2007 12:53 PM
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