April 26, 2007
Konstant Delt Opmærksomhed

Jon Udell om vores evindelige liv i Continuous Partial Attention her med vinklen individuel eller social produktivitet:

When I interviewed Mary Czerwinski on the subject of multitasking, interruptions, and context reacquistion, she made a fascinating observation about her teenage daughter, and tied it to some research findings. The observation was that her daughter has learned to operate in group mode, and that the groups she belongs to optimize themselves by moving tasks around to the members with the right knowledge, skill, and inclination for each task. The research finding was that although the resulting multiasking effect is suboptimal for the individuals and clearly damages their productivity, it can be the optimal way for the group to achieve its goal.

Følelsen af produktivitet i et connected flow er helt sikkert anderledes end den man har når man sidder alene med en opgave. Måske er vores ideer om hvordan man måler og vejer produktivitet også blevet forkerte i samme forbindelse.
Se også The singularity was already here.

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