June 03, 2007
Enough with the sticky

I'm not a big fan of Google's latest pull to make the Google search pages more sticky and more tightly integrated with the other Google properties.
I like my search engine to be a public place and to see what other people are seeing.
I realize that this has been a partial illusion for some time - as search results are regionalized to be more "meaningful" to me. But I have always found that annoying as well.

I am reminded of a post I wrote a long time ago about the huge difference between Amazon's suggestive "people who bought also bought" feature and the "based on your actions you might also want" personalization. I like the former and hate the latter. The former: That's just giving the web a lived-in feel. Not a problem. The latter: Minority Report nightmare. Big problem.

- The web is ready to refind the pleasure and freedom of connections that are only weak.

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