September 13, 2007
Unsurprising: Free culture contributes more to the economy and copyright heavy industries

OK, so the study is paid for by fair users, but still: A study shows that fair use provisions in copyright adds more to the american economy than the copyright industries owning the fairly used material.
Arguments from this could be made in various directions :"See, you're already benefiting enormously from fair use, is it really fair that you should be making most of the money from our material" could work as well as the prima facie conclusion that free culture is Good.
But everybody should know the value of fair use. Nobody has made more money from public domain culture than...Disney (think Little Mermaid, Snow White, Cinderella, Robin Hood - the list goes on) and now they would very much like to be the last company to be able to do this. That any politician considers this reasonable boggles the mind.

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