October 14, 2008
Remote DJ-ing with Spotify

[UPDATE: You can DJ too, now]

I'm crossposting this hack from my technical blog since I'm pretty pleased with it. Spotify, the amazing online music library with lightweight player, has a "share playlists" function, but sadly it's not live. You have to make the playlists first. Morten suggested on the #spotify channel on Jaiku that Spotify should have a DJ-mode so my friends could hear what I'm playing (or vice versa)

It's an excellent idea. When we all have the same music library why not connect and listen to a shared soundtrack.
As a side note: This is something Morten and I have been discussing for years. It would be cool in a big office to be able to work without disturbing everybody, but still be able to listen to the same stuff and share the experience.

I was so fired up, by being reminded about this, that I went ahead and hacked my way to remote DJ-ing using Spotify. If you're on Spotify and keep this page open in a browser, you're hearing what I'm hearing.

The technicalities are hackish, the app grabs focus when songs are loaded (making the hack a bit pointless), so far it only works with me as the DJ, and it's not really live-live but has 5-30 second delays, but it's a promising start.

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stor ide - og neat hack.

daniel burde indbygge det i spotify.

Posted by: thomas on October 17, 2008 10:28 AM

Der kommer en hel raekke ekstraservices paa her i weekenden.

Posted by: Classy on October 17, 2008 10:37 AM
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