March 04, 2010
Have a break - have a Noboot

[UPDATE: Thomas was unhappy with the Noboot name so we're changing it to The Ersatz Conference]

Just got back from the first volunteers' meeting to plan a replacement event, now Reboot 12 isn't happening in 2010. The founding committee was @melampus, @tobiashm, @novemberborn, @palnatoke, @mortengade and myself.

There is going to be an Ersatz Conference instead of Reboot

Here's the plan, as much of it as we have together: We're going to be scouting for venues over the next week or two. As soon as we have a venue we have a date, and then we'll announce where and when.

We're hoping to do a two day event in June. Since at least one person read the Reboot cancellation email to mean that the theme this year was "Break" we've going with that.

The theme for The Ersatz Conference is "Break"

You can still sign up here to show your interest, and here to tell us which date is best. Pretty soon we'll have a site up where you can make suggestions for talks/themes/events - but we're not going to do that until we've fixed the date and place, so we have an idea of what kind of scope we can manage.

We need you help (and some money)

The Ersatz Conference will be low cost, but not free, we need food and stuff after all. We're hoping not only Copenhagen rebooters, but also some of the international regulars, will make the trip, even without Reboot. Copenhagen in June is a great place to be, as you know.

If you would like to sponsor, or if your employer would like to sponsor the event or help us out in any other way, contact me.

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What about the IT-University for venue? Depending on date, exams should be over and auditoriums are likely free. It's a nice place. I know some people out there that I could drop an email.

What about homepage? Maybe you can get the Wordpress-stuff that New Media Days use: @ronnilab should know more.

Posted by: friism on March 4, 2010 11:44 PM

ITU is one of the places we're checking out. We have some leads, but do pass on yours...

Posted by: Classy on March 4, 2010 11:59 PM

I'd hate for #noboot to be, in any way or form, a copy of #reboot, and frankly the #reboot11 "Scout camp" was where I did most of my hanging, personally I'm toying with a concept called #sol10.

We do need to move fast, to get the international crowd up here, and I'll start by activating my international contacts and start hyping this page everywhere, I'll go into a coma if I don't get to see my German, Swedish and ESPECIALLY Portugueese friends this hear :-(, so we need to be strong and put together a "worldclass" event that you can't aford to miss? Can we do it? But ofcourse, this is what #reboot has trained us to do!

#reboot is dead long live #noboot and the entire #tw* stack, the IRL protocol of the future.

I also toyed with the idea of an award show to honour the best community event of 2009.

I'm interested in offering a sponsorship through "Copenhagen Nonsensus", which - by sheer coincidence ;-) - was founded on june 25th 2009 during...#reboot11 - LYS KAMERA ACTION BLITZKRIG!

Posted by: Kim Bach on March 5, 2010 7:13 AM

We're not trying to clone Reboot. But we're not trying to do a barcamp either.

Posted by: Classy on March 5, 2010 9:20 AM

I realise that, I want to do a "festival", probably not compatible with what you're trying to do.

Still I'm PRETTY exited about this, and will voulenteer my services if you like, I had some concrete sugggestions for venues, ITU is not cool, I'm here right now for Open Source Days 2010, and it pretty much sucks

Posted by: Kim Bach on March 5, 2010 5:53 PM
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