May 31, 2002
How much ass does Google kick? All of it.

Some more Google love. Mainly for the glorious question asked and answered.
O'Reilly Network: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Panopticon.

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Enhancing text based information gathering

This is really nice! Jon Udell puts together a very simple Google API + wxPython APP, to browse Google in new and unexpected ways. The App: Hierarchical Google calls based on first search terms, then The titles of found pages. This is not selected by Google's own site as the primary page content marker - so you can't do searches like this from Googles own site, but it comes together nicely and easily for Jon Udell. Lots of very practical, very interesting comments on how to mine for meaning, and how to make the mining for meaning more meaningful if you are involved with putting together pages.

Interesting tidbit: What you can do to your site to utilise Google as a semantic engine around your site (Note btw. that around is a new interesting topicalizer to describe computation and meaning.) can't be used to keep people located at your site. This is the awesome power of the fully operational network in full effect! Very nice indeed.

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Google Labs

In the spirit of the original beta, google offers user access to new functionality at - Google Demos

Among the technologies a word categorizer creating sets of items by example (i.e. defining categories of words) Initial results are mixed. Cheddar + Stilton does define the category Cheeses, but Hitler + Stalin, does not define Dictator, Despot, World War 2 or anything else.

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May 29, 2002
RDF Primer Primer

What's all this then: an guide to a primer to a format for describing other things located at URLs - themselves references. How much indirection can you take! Go Tell It On the Mountain [May. 15, 2002]

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May 27, 2002
The New Technology Company's options

It may just be a rehash of The Innovator's Dilemma (Don't know - haven't read it yet) but in the latest edition of Technology Review Clayton M. Christensen has a nice short commentary on some basic rules of survival for the small non-incumbents in teh technology field:
The Rules of Innovation.

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Open Source version of MY FAVOURITE GAME!

Warcraft 2 hackign can now go above and beyond design of scenarios. The FreeCraft open source game engine is stable and available. Now if I could just find the time to write a brand new world for it.

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Fuel for Technological Pessimism

Personally, I'm a technological optimist (we owe technology everything, and there's usually a technological fix). For those of opposite mind there's a lot of proof to be gotten from this list of 10 Technology Disasters. The link may require a (non-free) registration.

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May 24, 2002
The horror!

It appears you cannot trust everything you read on the internet. Shocking indeed.

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May 23, 2002
Would you wait 30 seconds to downlad a movie on the internet

The current record over state of the art networks, but real world distance, for data tansfer rate has gotten better:
Slashdot | New Internet2 Land Speed Record

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The death of customer support

Here's another link classic in the making: On how to get a straight answer from customer support. The slang for this apparantly turboing.

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Netscape w. Mozilla core available

The browser battle is on again. The official version of Mozilla 1.0 from Netscape is almost there. As reported on
Netscape 7.0 rekindles browser battles - Tech News -

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May 22, 2002
Instant Classic

Stephen Wolframs bulletproof recipe for superstardom:

1. Be smart enough to run succesful company. 2. Take credit for enourmous amounts of work in complexity 3. Stay silent for 10 years 4. Publish 1200 page tome with notes from said ten years. 5. Lots of pictures, no math.

In the future every pop-science/futurism essay will contain references to A New Kind Of Science as well as the inevitable Vernor Vinge, Ray Kurzweil, Hans Moravec, and K. Eric Drexler references

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Speaking of hideousity

Came across this wonderful sample of how terrible a world Where You Go Where Microsoft Takes You Today looks.

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Now with moveable type style LOG

So I've installed Moveabletype as a weblog at Must see how it works.

Must spend some time uglyfying the interface using the f9s landmark of hideousity.

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