October 15, 2008

Adobe AIR really rocks

To convert the Spotify DJ from a little fun personal hack to something real it was clear that I needed some "consumer grade" way to install the DJing client on the machines of would be DJs.
"Some way" turned out to be Adobe AIR. Adobe AIR can be used with Flash, Flex or just plain old web skills - html and Javascript.
No matter which route you go you end up compiling a one file deliverable that installs as a real desktop application on the system.

I have had no exposure to Adobe AIR prior to today - but armed with online tutorials I started out at around 6 PM and at around 11 PM I was done - with time for UI tweaking and a little webserver work required to make the app work.

Adobe AIR quite simply brings web speed to the desktop. And its a pleasure to work with too. The runtime is a browser, so everything just works. I like JQuery - and of course I can just plug that in.
I haven't done things "properly" - haven't signed properly, haven't used the upgrading framework and so on, but the fact that I can make a useful UI that interacts with the file system and a web server in 4-5 hours is astounding. And it deploys as a 65k file.

Posted by Claus at October 15, 2008 12:23 AM
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