June 04, 2006
Reboot: Round up

So there was Matt Webb, Marx, Jyri Engestrøm, OpenStreetMap, networked objects and copyfighters - those were my highlights I think (well, actually not the misdirected Marx). Of interest was the general fact that nobody seemed to be doing anything that was about grabbing people's attention and keeping it. Everybody was doing stuff at the edge of attention or maybe just something that was meant to have some kind of gravitational pull where we dive towards only to be accelerated away again to new and wonderful places. Technology is not the point it is just the medium. I think I like that.
I was missing the stand out keynote that sort of really set a new thinking in motion. Not that the ones we had weren't nice keynotes but they didn't pull everything together. A lot to ask for I know, but it can't hurt to ask.
Quite possibly the best thing about the conference was that it was possible to attend a full set of talks without hearing a single word about blogging. Nice to have conversations instead of just talking about them, so to speak...

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