January 31, 2007
Man, the whole "honest blog advertising" thing is turning ugly

What with Scoble flaming out on both engines: Accusing other people of not pitching his stuff, and then there's that Intel thing. Gapingvoid's recent consistent Apple dissing combined with that looks like a working relationship with Microsoft isn't too pretty either. To be fair it's hard to tell if he's getting paid or just liking the guys - which is part of the problem of course. Knocking the other guy's product for $ would certainly not meet my idea of "a new honest way to do marketing". Or maybe it's honest - but it's just not any cooler or more human than the old heavy handed marketing.
And on top of that we have the completely obvious despicability, the "you really don't have to tell them we're paying you" blog-for-$ advertising brokers that are popping up all over the place.

Whatever happened to the whole people making money with not from their blogs (or whatever the indirect vs. direct line was), and the whole religion of "just talk about what you like"?
I'm not saying I'm any good at joyful and happy, but I sure liked it a lot better.

And on another note, Is the new aggressivness a bubble metric? Seems to me the stakes are getting higher and the voices consequently a lot shriller.

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