January 02, 2007
Changes at classy.dk

I've been unhappy with the weblog for a while. Recently (last year or so) I've been blogging mainly in danish and mainly as ongoing commentary to other stuff. What blogs are made for, some might say. However, what has gone away is something I feel is actually missing, even if it doesn't fit into the current stream of stuff. I used to post longer posts, and used to comment a lot on digital stuff, and more on books and stuff that, frankly, I mostly wrote down for myself. Even so - some of the posts found an audience. Martin Fowler calls what I'm looking for a bliki - but I actually think I just need a blog and a wiki. Therefore I now also have a wiki with its own incomplete mission statement. Along side that wiki is actually a topic specific Wiki about the future.

I have no clue if I'll have time to update these, but lets give it a go.

But what about the feeds? - I hear the questions already. There are individual feeds for these new resources - but I'm also going to publish a triple super whammy feed for the kitchen blog, the hacks blog and the new wikis for those who don't want to manage the feeds on their own.

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